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Working moms should 'never eat alone'

Aug 14, 2023
Mom working with toddler in her lap

I don't need to tell you—being a working parent is tough. Whether you're one yourself or a champion for the working moms on your team, the idea that it "takes a village" is true no matter what!

That's why I'm creating a group coaching experience just for working moms—a supportive group of like-minded parents to build confidence, hone leadership skills, and help find joy in the chaos.

We'll cover many of the leadership topics from my best-selling "Gourmet Leadership" book and coaching, but specifically tailored to the challenges of moms trying to do and be it all, like work-life balance and achieving career goals.

This experience is one that can be accessed by individuals interested in their own development, or provided by organizations that want to invest in talented leaders and potential leaders.

Here's where I need your help:

  • Help me identify working moms who may want to join. It could be you, a friend, or a colleague.
  • Forward this email to them with the invitation to join me on a 30-minute Zoom call to find out if this experience is the right fit.
  • Click on the image below to learn more about this four-month program that I hope to launch in late September or early October.

One of the best parts is that this exclusive program includes many of the benefits of my individualized executive coaching packages, but at a fraction of the cost.

Think this experience is right for you? Let's chat—schedule a Zoom call with me now.


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