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Be gourmet.

That's the idea behind Gourmet Leadership™ and Carolyn Maue's personalized coaching philosophy that teaches you what truly excellent leadership means—all by mixing together your "secret sauce" of strengths and experiences to excel in today's rapidly changing workplace.


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You don't have to be a chef to be gourmet.


Ever wonder what the best chefs and executive leaders have in common? They know the fundamental ingredients that make their work not just excellent, but memorable, inspiring—and even life-changing.

That's Carolyn Maue's Gourmet Leadership™ approach to create best-in-class leaders and teams. What's more, Carolyn believes every "gourmet leader" has a "secret sauce" of talents, passions, and unique experiences to make their leadership stand above and apart.

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Leadership development served your way

Carolyn Maue has been serving up creative and delicious insights for leaders since 2004. Find your perfect fit from our menu of specialized services.


1:1 Executive Coaching

Discover your "secret sauce" based on your strengths and interests to be a more effective leader, while mastering strategies to manage time and priorities and delegate through constant change and difficult people.

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Cohorts & Online Course

Learn ways to attract, motivate, retain, and empower talented individuals who share your vision and passion, while building high-functioning teams that drive organizational growth and success.

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Gourmet Retreats & Dinners

Create a leadership development experience your team will never forget. Carolyn Maue brings Gourmet Leadership to life with talented chefs in a customized dining experience that's sure to please every palate.

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Meet your leadership "chef"

Avid foodie and executive coach Carolyn Maue knows that best-in-class chefs and best-in-class leaders share important traits. Let's bring out your finest flavors.

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What leaders say

Dale Whittaker, Ph.D.,
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

"Carolyn is an experienced leadership coach who has helped hundreds of people realize their potential with pragmatic, action-oriented support."

Annie Shean,
Director, Park Point University

"Leaders of any institutional level who crave thoughtful, substantive change to their leadership style will leave fully satisfied."

Clay Marsh, MD,
WVU Health Sciences

"Carolyn Maue is an exceptional professional coach and mentor. She consistently facilitates personal and professional growth."

Everyone deserves to be a gourmet leader.


Even though 83% of organizations believe it's important to develop leaders at every level, only 5% have implemented leadership development for everyone.

Gourmet Leadership™ provides leaders and organizations a long-overdue and much-needed creative and accessible approach to leadership—when it's never been more important.

More ways to cook up passion and purpose

Best-selling Book

Discover all the ingredients you need to be a "gourmet leader" with engaging stories, lessons, exercises, and more to hone your leadership skills and bring out your best.

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The Gourmet Leadership Experience

A new self-guided course and immersive online leadership journey will help you discover the perfect mix to create your gourmet leadership style.

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Gourmet Retreats and Dinners

Carolyn Maue serves up the tastiest leadership retreats, ever. Customize your team celebrations with chefs in delicious and engaging ways to creatively enforce leadership concepts.

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You have a "secret sauce" that makes you a leader people want to follow. Let's discover it, together.


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