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Master all the ingredients to build a successful team.

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High-performing teams are an essential 'ingredient.'


Your team holds the most potential for creativity, problem-solving, and excellence in delivery. But if you don't have the right team dynamics or the right players, you won't be at your best.

Executive leadership coach Carolyn Maue offers tailored team trainings, group coaching, and creative retreats to get your team cooking—and ensure your team has the right ingredients to function at the highest level. 

Whether you're looking for improved communication, conflict resolution, or strategic goal-setting, you will find a program to help you turn up the heat on your team's leadership and elevate team dynamics to a gourmet level.

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What do we do?

Help teams create a compelling vision for their work together that inspires each individual to perform at their best and aligns with a collective mission and their organization's goals.
Help leaders learn to recognize the unique strengths of your team members, empowering and motivating their individual and professional growth, always with a focus on well-being.
Resolve conflict and improve communication and collaboration among the entire team, including clearly defined roles, team accountability, and delegation of responsibilities.

Who do we work with?

Teams of all sizes, skill sets, industries, and backgrounds 

Teams going through organizational changes or restructuring

Teams that need a clearly defined vision and 'recipe' for working together

Teams looking to level up their performance and exceed goals

Leadership coaching
for teams and organizations


Never Eat Alone

Perfect for teams who seek collaborative learning or groups of emerging leaders, including access to The Gourmet Leadership Experience immersive online course, four sessions of group coaching, an optional Facilitator's Guide to support group learning and group discussion, and a learning plan "recipe" template for each team member.

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5-Star Experience

Half-day or daylong retreats that help leadership teams become more focused and successful in working together, clarifying vision, identifying strengths, building collaboration and conflict resolution skills, and identifying goals and next steps for organizational success—all with an optional add-on Gourmet Dinner Experience to creatively enforce concepts.

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Team Consulting

Everything from strategy development and strategic planning to organizational culture assessments and other measures that improve team performance and workplace well-being. Engagements can be customized depending on needs. Also includes mission and vision work and "train the trainer" services for organizations of all sizes, in all industries.

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Ready for a team retreat that really sizzles?

Bring "gourmet leadership" concepts to life with a leadership retreat your team will never forget.

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