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Make your leadership gourmet.

Ever wonder what the best chefs and executive leaders have in common? They know the fundamental ingredients that make their work not just excellent, but memorable, inspiring‚ÄĒand even life-changing.

That's the idea behind¬†The Gourmet Leadership Experience.¬†Based on¬†her best-selling book,¬†executive coach Carolyn Maue¬†offers an online course to teach you what truly excellent leadership means‚ÄĒall by mixing together the right leadership "ingredients" and your "secret sauce" of strengths and experiences.

Designed for all levels and industries, The Gourmet Leadership Experience online course draws engaging and relevant parallels with leadership lessons of world-class chefs and today's toughest workplace challenges.

The Gourmet Leadership Experience


Special features include:

  • 5+ hours of self-guided online learning content
  • Tools to develop your own leadership plan
  • Real-world solutions you can immediately apply
  • Online community of support
  • Certificate of completion
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The majority of the world's employees are quiet quitting. 
Your leadership matters more than ever. 

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The Gourmet Leadership Experience is for those who want:


High-functioning Teams

Learn ways to attract, motivate, retain, and empower talented individuals who share your vision and passion

The Ability to Inspire

Discover your "secret sauce" based on your strengths and interests to be a more effective leader

Resiliency in the Face of Change

Master strategies to manage time and priorities and delegate through constant change and difficult people

You can be a gourmet leader.

The Gourmet Leadership Experience
 serves up the perfect mix of leadership ingredients no matter where you are in your career or what industry you're in. 

In a matter of hours, you'll learn what takes decades for most leaders to achieve. And best of all, you'll do it by leaning in to what makes you special and memorable—by discovering and using your own "secret sauce."

This experience also covers:

  • Developing and defining your vision
  • Building a team
  • Delegating and managing priorities
  • Giving and getting feedback
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Perfecting your leadership presence

It's not just a course. Individual coaching, group coaching, executive retreats, and more. 

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Meet your coach.

Carolyn Maue
Executive Coach & Best-selling Author

Carolyn isn't your average instructor. She's a 20+ year executive leadership coach and best-selling author who knows what makes leadership truly excellent. 

An amateur baker, singer, and entrepreneur, Carolyn believes in changing the world one leader at a time‚ÄĒand that means helping everyone find the strength to be their best, and to bring out the best in the people around them.

When the ability to inspire and lead people is more important than ever before, Carolyn helps aspiring and established leaders turn up the heat on what makes them special, effective, adaptive, and successful in our ever-changing and challenging workplaces.

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Praise for The Gourmet Leadership Experience


Bonnie Artman Fox,
Accredited Boss Whisperer®

"The Gourmet Leadership Experience is an experience of practical ways to elevate your leadership skills. Through visual imagery and brilliant analogies between cooking and leadership, Carolyn presents 'easy-to-digest' strategies for leaders to self-reflect and expand their influence to create healthy work cultures."

Frank G. Polito, APR,
Senior Counselor and CEO

"After completing Carolyn Maue's Gourmet Leadership Experience, I can assure you it meets the definition of 'Best in Class.' Her insight into human behavior, team building, and personal growth models was insightful and inspiring. I highly recommend for upstart leaders as well as senior practitioners. It’s a true gourmet experience!"

Beth Schumaker,
BrightStar Leadership Consulting

"Are you ready to experience an online leadership course that is engaging, creative, fun, and full of insights that can be immediately applied? That's exactly what this offers leaders at any level! Congratulations on creating a full-course menu of leadership wisdom to please even the most discerning. The experience is masterful and memorable."

Discover your appetite for truly excellent leadership.


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More Praise for Carolyn Maue


Annie Shean,
Director, Park Point University

"Leaders of any institutional level who crave thoughtful, substantive change to their leadership style will leave fully satisfied."

Dale Whittaker, Ph.D.,
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

"Carolyn is an experienced leadership coach who has helped hundreds of people realize their potential with pragmatic, action-oriented support."

Ann Bowers-Evangelista, Psy.D.,
Fortune 500 Leadership Consultant

"Carolyn expertly weaves together leadership frameworks, practical tools, strategies, personal stories, and a soupçon of humor." 

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