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Good leadership is key to your success.


But truly excellent—or what we call "gourmet leadership"—is memorable, inspiring—and even life-changing.

By working with executive leadership coach Carolyn Maue, you'll learn how to turn up the heat on your leadership, with accessible and creative approaches that harness your strengths and bring out the best in those around you.

Carolyn's coaching solutions can be customized for leaders at all levels, in every industry, and will help you discover your "secret sauce" of talents and experiences to transform what you do and how you work.

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What do we do?

Identify your strengths and development opportunities so you can "turn up the heat" on your leadership and achieve your goals, whether that's a promotion, a career shift, or a more engaged team.
Help leaders transition to new responsibilities of leading a team through effective delegation and an understanding of how to successfully use and give feedback.
(Re)focus organizations on strategic goals and improved communication, performance, retention, and engagement with clear actions and plans to remain resilient in the face of rapid change. 

Who do we work with?

Seasoned leaders responsible for inspiring and executing change 

Senior leaders
making the transition to executive or C-suite roles

Emerging leaders with technical expertise who need leadership support 

Authentic leaders bringing their best and 'whole selves' to work

Leadership coaching
for gourmet leaders


The Executive Chef

Six to 12 months of robust executive coaching customized for present and future executive leaders, complete with a 360-degree assessment process and feedback, a personalized leadership development plan, and focused strategies to increase your effectiveness and capacity.

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The First Course

Specialized individual coaching designed with emerging leaders, managers, and supervisors in mind, including up to six sessions of 1:1 applicability coaching, a learning plan "recipe" template, and access to The Gourmet Leadership Experience immersive online course.

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Need help successfully managing
and guiding your team?

Carolyn Maue offers tailored team trainings, group coaching cohorts, and creative retreats to get your team cooking.

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Rather learn at your own pace?

You'll find a feast of leadership tools in our online course, The Gourmet Leadership Experience, designed for leaders no matter your role or aspirations.

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