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Happy holidays from The Maue Center

Dec 13, 2022
Holiday cookies and candy cane in front of a lit tree

Each of us at The Maue Center sends our warm wishes this holiday season. In times of constant change, we're reminded of the difference your leadership makes in helping teams successfully transition to new ways of working and keep the very best people engaged and excelling in their roles.

You have inspired us, energized us, and brought new ideas in leadership excellence—thank you! We are so grateful for your partnership.

I also am fortunate to have an incredible team of coaches and consultants at The Maue Center who deeply care about your success—and for whom I am grateful year round!

As we look back on 2022 with appreciation for the trust you've placed in us, we are equally excited about the months ahead.

In the coming weeks, we will launch the "Gourmet Leadership Experience"—a new online course and leadership learning journey based on my best-selling book, "Gourmet Leadership: Turn Up the Heat on Your Secret Sauce!"

Other exciting opportunities will include new book celebrations and signings, extended coaching and leadership resource packages, virtual meetups, and special speaking engagements. And I can't wait to share it with you!

Have a wonderful holiday filled with good food and time with those you cherish, and enjoy a very Happy New Year!


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