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'Gourmet Leadership' is finally here

Feb 24, 2022

Hi friends — it's launch day!

"Gourmet Leadership: Turn Up the Heat on Your Secret Sauce!" is available for sale on Amazon Kindle!

To help get it into the hands of as many leaders as possible, I'm offering the book today for a special $1.99 launch price. And I hope you'll support today's release with your purchase.

The best part is you don't need a Kindle to access it; you can read the book on any of your devices.

You also can gift the Kindle book to leaders you think would benefit from it. You just need recipients' email addresses to send it. Or you can send friends and colleagues to my book's website to learn more!

Today is the culmination of years worth of work, and it wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful support from my incredible friends, family, and colleagues. I'm so grateful for all we've cooked up together, and can't wait to see what we will cook up next!


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